Validated Pre-Seed Update

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Validated Funding Update
Today I am thrilled to share that Validated raised a $1.8 million pre-seed round led by Neo with participation from JVentures, Expansion VC, as well as some amazing angels investors including Austen Allred, Scott Banister, and product leaders from Faire, Okta, WealthSimple and more.
Since starting Validated a few months ago, our mission has been to enable businesses to understand what customers want.
This fundraise puts us in an optimal position to deliver on this promise.

Our team has launched products for the past 10 years at Reddit, Meta, Amazon, as well as through our own brands on Kickstarter and Shopify. Whether you are a trillion-dollar company developing world-altering products or a brand new e-commerce store, understanding the customer is an eternal process.

Talk to any builder and their biggest worry is always “do my customers want what I am making.” Time is our most precious resource, working on the wrong thing is the most expensive mistake we can make.

We rely on user interviews, focus groups, painted door tests, and much more, but the resources required always outweigh what’s available.
That's what we are solving at Validated. We're using AI to bring the rigor of infinite resources to every decision a business makes.
This is mile 1 of a hilly marathon. Our ability to deliver on our goals hinges on our people.

Our top priority is recruiting a world class team to scale our product and deliver on our mission. If what we are building resonates with you, please reach out to me directly

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