Welcome to Validated, we are on a mission to empower businesses to truly understand what their customers want

Hi, I'm Rahul.
Founder and CEO of Validated.

I’m a former Amazon and Meta engineer who has spent way too much time launching products. My Co-Founder and CTO was employee #61 at Reddit and their first ads engineer. We are building Validated.
We exist to enable business to understand what customers want.
Whether you are a trillion-dollar company developing a world-altering product, or a corner store tweaking your branding the biggest worry is always do my customers want what I’m making?
Time is our most precious resource, and working on the wrong thing is the most expensive mistake we can make.
We rely on user interviews, focus groups painted door tests, and much more, but the resources required always outweigh what’s available.
At Validated, we are reimagining this problem. Our focus is leveraging AI to bring the rigor of infinite resources to every decision.
To do this, we are bringing AI to digital advertising. Unlocking entirely new use cases for ads. We are pushing digital ads usage beyond customer acquisition and into product development and beyond.
Our to-do list is long and requires building world-class components:
  • Generative AI
  • Reinforcement learning ML
  • Ad optimization and delivery
  • Multivariate testing
We are backed by top investors including Neo, JVentures, Expansion VC as well as some amazing angels investors including Austen Allred, Scott Banister, and many more
Our ability to achieve our goals hinges on our people.
Below are some roles that we know we need.
If you are passionate about our mission and believe we should hire you. Reach out (, tell us all about yourself and how you will enable Validated for our customers.
Open Positions

Full Stack Engineer

Full Time -  
On site & Hybrid

Machine Learning/AI Engineer

Full Time -  
On Site & Hybrid

Learn what Customers Want.